performance, photo, video, videoinstallation

Performer Tiziana Contino, Lidia Tropea (2009), Bruno Cerasi (2014)

2012 2video CROSS REVIEW OF VIDEO ARTIST, Barriere selected by Giovanni Viceconte


The video work of Tiziana Contino is the crystallisation in fixed camera of a disturbing link between the events. Causality is indeed the report, the relationship that connects a document or a fact that comes to the event, according to a dynamic perspective of voluntariness of actum of a “body position”

(U. Galimberti), which is the only alive, disturbance of homeostasis.

A line of demarcation, an altar, the fragile glass screen, an ordered vertical structure of empty glasses built slowly, methodically around a body. It is the intervention, the assistance of complicity, imponderable because invisible. The perfect murder, the murderess without motive. The glass can be the zero degree, sterile, matter, fluid drive, “reveals only the sign of its content”

(Baudrillard). Contains a vacuum.

The female body curled up, static, concentrated, tense, “devoid of social identity and the individual’s face is gone, it remains a generic body, blindfolded (…) the body becomes a symbol of a revolt” (Galimberti). Excluding the eyes, the body appear as a bandaged wound. The artist seems to steal the identity for leaving the gesture, the voluntary act that brings with it a charge, however, uncontrollable consequences. It is a body that manifests itself, it brings into existence. The verdict is the elusiveness, the mysterious, the inscrutability of other acts competing. Remains the explosion, the act traumatic and disintegrating, definitive, the dispersion of energy in an explosion that leaves a distortion of reality in scattered fragments. Barbed and gleaming.
Like blades. Solve et coagula.


                                                                                                                                      text Simonetta Angelini

CAUSALITY, 2014, photo, lambda print on aluminium and plexiglas, video, performance.
Zanino in spalla 2, Atelier Giorgi, Torino (I) curators Lucia Zappacosta, Giovanna Giannini Guazzugli, SpongeArtecontemporanea

CAUSALITY 2009 photo, lambda print on aluminium and plexiglas, video, performance.
Municipio, Morbegno (SO) (I), curator Simonetta Angelini