Tiziana Contino (1979, Catania) lives and works in Turin. She is a visual artist, performer, graphic designer, photographer, video maker, professor of Graphic design and Computer graphic at Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.  She taught Graphic design and Multimedia installation at the Fine Art Academy, Catania from 2006 to 2014.

Beteween 2006 and 2010, she attended several workshops and residences with master artists like Artur Zmijewski (2006), Hidetoshi Nagasawa (2007), Matthew Barney (2008), Marinella Senatore (2010). In 2010, was selected for a residence for performers funded by the Cariplo Foundation, Milan, as well as the GAI, and given at the AIEP, Fabbrica del Vapore. In 2012-2013, hostes a tv program on visual arts and music (ARTPASS, Sestarete), and a radio program on visual arts and performance (Tarzan e la LiAna, Radiolab). In October 2013, published an article about interactive performances in “Quaderni di PsicoArt – Arte e Psicologia”, DAMS, Bologna University, followed in 2015 by another publication and the workshop, “Il CORPO che abito. Identità di genere e suoi transiti, analisi dei linguaggi performativi contemporanei”. Since 2014, collaborate on projects of multimedia interaction with the musician and performer Carlo Tuzza.


Main exhibitions: 2003 Anteprima – Quadriennale di Rome, 2005 BJCEM, 2006 AFX Amsterdam Film Experience, 20th Instants Video Festival, Marseille, 2008 Tina-b, Prague, 2010 Video.it, Merz Foundation and Care of – Celeste Prize, Brodbeck Foundation (finalist), 2011 52a BIENNALE DI VENEZIA Padiglione Italia/Accademia, RELOAD: So exotic! Exhibition Performance Series, Officine Rosati, Rome 2012 AAM – Interactive Performance, lʼAuditorium Sole24ore, Milan, PIXEL – La nuova generazione della videoarte italiana – EAT Emergent Artist Trans-mediterranean Milan – 2013 Arte Laguna Prize, Venice (Italian finalist for performance) – 2014 Teoremi Performance Festival, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Villa Croce, Genoa, GINNASTICA DELLA VISIONE – Festival di performance, MAAM Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove, Rome, BIO50 }Hotel BIO50, 24° Biennial ofl Design, Ljubljana, IV edition of Bienal del Fin del Mundo, “Contrastes y Utopias”, Argentina (RA), 2015 I-ART, “5 piazze, 5 sensi”, C.o.C.A. Archivio Biblioteca Arti Contemporanee, Modica, “Chiamateci streghe” Galleria Civica Montevergini, Siracusa, “CORPO, Festival delle Arti Performative (CibAzioni – PrivAzioni)”, Appartamento LAGO, Pescara, ALTER MODERNITAS, Marche Centro D’Arte, Showroom Ciù Ciù, Offida – Galleria Marconi – AP (I), 2017 Imago Mundi ROTTE MEDITERRANEE (Luciano Benetton Collection), ZAC Zisa – zona arti contemporanee, Palermo (I) 2019 7,7 lb Exhibilion – Talk – Screening, NanaHomeGallery, Vancouver, Canada, curated by Alice Grassi (talk and Screening events was part of the 2019 Capture Photography Festival). 


My work is developed with influences of philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari and is focused on the concepts of “Nomadism of thought” and “deterritorialization.” These concepts are geared mainly to an analysis of man and the world in which it live and with whom it interacts. I link the use of photos, video, interactive multimedia installations to my performances, where the viewer is called to synesthetic and emotional interaction.

From the beginning my research was oriented on interactive social performance like study of human behavior and seek to subvert stereotyped habits. The latest projects are designed to close the psychophysical gap that we find in our daily life and in relationships with other people. They are interactive performances that would restore the human contact or / and reflection on it.