interactive performance, photo, video

Ph. Carmen Cardillo

2008 interactive performance for ‘Art in tram’, Piemonte Region, Province of Turin, GAI- young italian artist, Albertina Academy of Turin, National Association Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries, Turin (curator Rosanna Musumeci) (I)

2009 DRY AS DUST Zelle Arte Contemporanea, Palermo (I) curators Francesco Galluzzi, Federico Lupo


“Blow out / breath” by Tiziana Contino, is an intense interactive performance. The artist transfer his action to the audience, and through the use of yellow balloons exorcise the fears of the people, allows them to avert the anger through the air blowing out by lungs, dispersing far knows himself. The surprising result is itself purposely and unexpectedly, a performance.


                                                                                                                                  text Agata Polizzi