Emotional replacement

version 2015

Interactive performance and videoinstallation, 1h.

by Tiziana Contino

Performer: Tiziana Contino / Carlo Tuzza

Audio site specific and original music: Carlo Tuzza

Ph. Caterina Palermo



The interactive performance “Emotional replacement”, presented on September 5 at the opening of the exhibition “CALL US WITCHES”, is proof of participation to thorny topic of the exhibition. The violence derived from the impossibility of choice inflicted to last-born of rich families, who over the centuries have populated the cloistered convents like Montevergini, inspire the psychophysical path of  the performative action. In the past the constraint that the clerical power used on these individuals has contributed to a process of self-exclusion from the world outside the walls of the convent eluding a participatory approach with “the other”. Also it has the power of a prevaricating man to manage the movement of the performer, held phisically and emotionally in the same way many news stories today. The body is here rendered as historic filter of interaction agent-act that takes social role of cultural mediation instigating an involvement, collective action for change. “Emotional replacement” is performed in an enriched version by musician Carlo Tuzza with its refined and strategically sound system.

Emotional replacement

version 2009

performance, photo, video, videoinstallation

GEMINE MUSE – Stratificazioni

Culture Palace, Monastery of San Placido – Catania curator Ambra Stazzone, focus Angela Vettese, catalogue

Ph. Caterina Palermo


Actions repeated daily and the feelings associated them, try by the cloistered nuns that have inhabited the former monastery complex and its space, characterized by valuable architectural layers, use and emotional . This is the real point of concept of cloistered, the deprivation of contact with the outside world that can get even the rejection of the concept of other by itself, the unknown world and that this must remain as potentially contaminant that inspires Emotional Replacement, installation and interactive performance of Tiziana Contino.


                                                                                                                 text Ambra Stazzone