Geode – CTTC


Video installation, 4 ‘loop, sculptures 5 pieces of plaster casts and alginate, human beard and eyelashes, make-up, unique piece, 2015

Performer Tiziana Contino and Carlo Tuzza

Emilio Greco Museum – Catania


The work consists of a video installation and a cast of anatomical parts in contact with plaster and alginate, as well as of beard, hair and make up. The concept is inspired by the geode as a primordial element, the outside like a simple stone but once inside is divided into two rich quartz crystals. As for the two halves of the apple described by Platone, the geode can bind only to its symmetric part. Associating the soul metaphorically geode, this brings forth from the cast to contact soul mates, that develop in one half of each until reach two faces separated in a sort of Rebis. Video completes the sense of “path and union” from a drop of water, there is a swell of a stream that reaches its climax in a cascade, the two faces overlap until a gradual disintegration slowly is turning back the water of the waterfall until a single drop. The path of life together now over again in a new life. Reborn from geodes in a sort of loop, eternal return, meeting perennial.

“This be harmonious and mysterious, they are in Litografiedel Master Greco with bold strokes but almost always undefined contours, is confused with its opposite, the male body. This suggestion comes from the work of Tiziana Contino, former professor at the Academy of Catania and Torino, sublime performer of the states of the soul, which in this project pays tribute to the memory of the master Greco with a new creative: “The Geode”, a series of sculptures that take shape from casts of his body and its complement, taking up the Platonic idea of reaching the completeness of the human being through the search for the lost half, hoping that “everyone encounters the creature loved returning to the old nature “…”.

(Plato: The Symposium, edited by Francesco Enrico Boscarino and Piscione, Edicooper Palermo 1987, p. 61)

text Adele Nicotra