performance, photo, video

2013 IN SERIES, artist’s multiples for a multiple show Catania, Spoleto (I), Berlin (D), curator Anna Guillot, text by Roberto Lambarelli

2010 QUANT AU LIVRE video artist book, Galerie Martainville ERBA Rouen, Francia (F) curators Anna Guillot, Dominique De Beir

2008 VIDEOMINUTO International Video Festival Contemporary Art Center Luigi Pecci, Prato (I) curator Raffaele Gavarro




The HE-ART video have double meaning: ‘heart’ and ‘this is art’. But What’s Art? In the video four hearts are ‘sculpted’ by a blade while a list with names of artist runs on the screen. This name is witness of their existence and passion that hat the end of the video, creates on the heart the text A R T. Between a grow up and a decrease, a build and restructuring, the final result is the self statement of Art like essential vehicle of culture in the human life.