interactive performance – photo – video

performer Tiziana Contino

performer /songwriter / musician Sabina Caruso


mostra personale, Sponge Living Space, Pergola + skype with ABADIR (I) curator Chiara Vigliotti


A double setting for this interactive performance that will take place in two locations and during two different openings. A Living Space Sponge Pergola (PU) with solo exhibition of  Tiziana Contino,”DISTURBANCE – UNHEIMLICHKEIT” and Academy of Fine Arts ABADIR, Catania with the collective exhibition “ILE FLOATING” where Contino is one of the artists on display. The performer built an essential scenic plant in ABADIR and was accompanied on guitar by songwriter Sabina Caruso, the audience can’t interact, but only assist. While in Sponge LivingSpace, the audience can interact with the performers by Skype to Catania.

A virtual bridge that breaks down the boundaries and distances, a union of space and purpose in honor of the seventh day of contemporary. Two years ago at the MOMA in New York retrospective of Marina Abramovic was called The Artist is Present: the artist sitting at a table welcomed in first person the audience in silence, for 8 hours a day for 3 months, all days.

A dramatic improvement in the world of performance and a reference for the “disturbance” by Tiziana Contino. Today, with the network you can connect from anywhere on the planet and delete any distance, Contino elects dialogue with the viewer, as a pillar of his research since the beginning of her performative act, 2003 / 4 and its interaction joins the multimedia, using the video, computer, internet to bring the act ancestral dramatic action, from greek verb = δραω do, to a decidedly contemporary realities and fortunately contaminated by technology. Contino is present but not physically, this is the central aspect of the project that we are witnessing. The furniture irreverent flavor that refer to an allegorical art in the way that mystifies the true nature of provocative, like the sofa in the middle between good and evil, the tea service between integration and disintegration, which offered up to the infusion, was differ in nature between the artist and served to the public, instead of representing the message.

Our present lives, suffers and reacts to globalization, we are the promised land to the south of the world economy and relegated to the capitalist West. Wild places, like our islands in the heart of the Mediterranean, once a haven for holiday hell today are refugees, racism again knocking at our door, even the most liberal and establish a dialogue with as frightening feelings, such as distress and discrimination , is looming as a very high mountain, whose summit is still a virgin and climbers hone the technique to be able to climb. Tiziana Contino stages this condition, he speaks openly, inviting the viewer to sit on uncomfortable and offering tips to drink a liquid alien and unpleasant. The artist is the silence and addresses, records the reactions, the causes giving rise to an inevitable reflection. In other rooms, an overview of previous work will understand the foundations of research, allowing the viewer to make a complete journey in his work. Tiziana Contino is an artist who defies conformity to highlight the discomfort his company now impossible to ignore. The process of education and intregation is a must for the art of Tiziana that she takes responsibility for bringing it to the center of this exhibition.


text by Chiara Vigliotti