foto / photo, 2012


UNHEIMLICHKEIT is a German term that means within the range of feelings of fear, a very special case: familiarity and strangeness at the same time.

This makes it a state of anguish and confusion. It is believed that male violence against women is the leading cause of death in the European community and the world and is even an increase of 6.7% compared to previous years. It is estimated that about 127 women killed in a year of 114 the murderess is even a family member.

This familiarity would create confusion in the victim, not recognizing in front of a potential attacker who is not able to pose with the right approach to the situation.

UNHEIMLICHKEIT refers to the perception the victim may have, a moment before his murder. A moment before, which perhaps you could avoid its aggression.

How do I distinguish good from evil, in the moment of maximum bewilderment? Probably just an instinct, just that disturbance could be a sign that can bring back to life, to freedom.