photo, video, performance, workshop

2007 CHOISES.IT Cuvuc Gallery of Contemporary Art “Montevergini”, Siracusa (I) curator Salvatore Lacagnina, catalogue

2006 ISIDEM workshop with visiting Professor Artur Zmijewski (Venice Biennal 2005) Project photos, performance and video implemented during the Workshop to Montevergini Gallery of Syracuse held by Artur Zmijewski, with supervision of Salvatore Lacagnina.


George Bataille speak about “cursed part” represents that moment of loss of itself and of its consciousness, describes the state of altered mental stage gives man the opportunity to express itself ‘pure’ and not filtered. Similar meanings expanded here are the thread that links the work of Tiziana Contino with the theories of Georges Bataille, in a continuous movement from the theory that – (a Bataille in this case that are also essays of eroticism pornography – leads to the practice – of Tiziana Contino. The cursed part of the artist is her sexual organ in respect of the most strict traditions that for centuries, in fact, he cursed female body. The part of the damned Contino is the tool that allows you to write the words of Bataille in a call concentric and infinite symbolic values including ritual use of blood as ink to write (text – presence) that invades the white surface (like the white page Mallarmé). Yet the yearning, desire, expectation (the artistic inspiration) what is temporal is purely Tiziana Contino, who with his pen transcribes harsh words through an ink-smelling ancestral.